Whiteboard type & data

Usage & In-game editor

Everything is editable in /rw_editor UI

Predefined models

These models are predefined in config so you can use them without any more configuration

  • ch_prop_whiteboard_03

  • rcore_prop_whiteboard_small

  • rcore_prop_whiteboard_medium

  • rcore_prop_whiteboard_large

If you want to add new model please contact us in ticket we will help you with it or use rcore_television editor and add new model into Config.ModelSettings

Static URL (load content from URL)

If you will add url parameter to board data it will load content from url and it will be static. This board will not have editor functions.

Job & grade restriction

You can add as many jobs as you can also you can remove or leave empty grades parameter if you want to allow all grades to edit this whiteboard.

Multiple boards with same content

If you want to use multiple boards with same content you can use same id for them. This will share content and editor functions between them. If you edit one of them content will be updated on all of them.

Read only boards

If you want to use multiple boards with same content and you only want to allow edit one of them you can use readOnly option. This option will turn off editor functions.

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