Transfer script to another account

Welcome to the guide β€œhow to transfer the scriptβ€œ from one to another account

Where can I find the owner's name?

First of all we need to know, who is the server's owner.

Open the fivem server list, find your server here and click on the server's description. If you did that successfully you should be able to see this

Pay attention to the listed Owner. With this little trick we now know the username of the owner to whom we need to transfer the script

I didn't find my server there, is there any other way to do it?

There is another way how to acquire the owner's username of the server but it always lead back to the server list

You will need to find specific information in the server's console it looks like this

Check the text "eo3r9b" which will be different for every server

Now we know what ID our server is.

Now we will open the internet browser

Head back to the website "" but add some additional information to the URL

As you can see we have added "/detail/ + eo3r9b"

And if you did everything correctly, you will see this on the website

Transferring the script

Now we know the user name and we can transfer the script

Now you need to log-in to your fivem keymaster after you log into the account, check this for this page that is called "Purchased assets"

There you're going to see the list of bought resources

Look for the button called "Transfer to another account" Click on the button and it will lead to this page

Just enter the username to who you wish to transfer the script and that's it.

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