Error: syntax error near '<\1>'

How to fix this error? It's simple, just update your server.

There are two possible ways why this error occurs

  • You have used FileZilla which is breaking the structure of the script so please use WinSCP which works as expected and doesn't break anything. If you did not use FileZilla but you "drag and drop it" with Remote Desktop Control that will still damage it, so please drag and drop the zip and unzip it on server do not move it with method "file by file"\

  • Your server is outdated and needs to be at least 4752 or greater.

FileZilla set binary mode

If you are using FileZilla try reupload whole resource with binary mode

How can I check my version?

Write into your server console versioncommand

How to update?


Please check this video


  1. Download the last recommended artifact from this page

  2. Turn off your server

  3. Delete cache & alpine folder

  4. Unzip fx.tar.xz with command tar -xf fx.rar.xz

  5. Start the server and write version to see a new version


Exactly the same but you use windows FXServer artifact

And remove the server folder and replace it with the newly downloaded version.

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