You can find assets/sql/db.sql file in assets folder, please insert that sql into your database. It will insert camping items into 'items' table.

Config setup

Open the config.lua file.


This script can be standalone, if needed, and we implemented two basic frameworks. You can change to your preferred framework like this:

Config.Framework = Frameworks.ESX -- for ESX
Config.Framework = Frameworks.QBCORE -- for QB

To implement your custom framework, take a look at the Framework easy guide.

Targeting system

This script can be standalone, if needed, and we implemented two basic integrations. You can change to your preferred targeting system like this:

Config.TargetingSystem = TargetingSystems.RCORE -- standalone
Config.TargetingSystem = TargetingSystems.QTARGET -- qtarget
Config.TargetingSystem = TargetingSystems.QBTARGET -- qb-target

If you use QTARGET or QBTARGET integration you need to have the selected script added to your server. If you renamed your script you also need to change it in TargetingSystems. For example if your qb-target script folder is called qbtarget you need to rename it also in TargetingSystems.

OX Inventory

If you use ox_inventory script and you are not able to use camping items from inventory check OX Inventory section

License type

Change LicenseType to the type of license you use to save your player data. We use this information to get the player's identifier.

Config.LicenseType = 'license' --license, steam, discord


To change the language of this script, you can simply change Config.Locale to any available language in locales folder.

Consumable beer

Do not forget to add beer into drunk system or any alternative system you use for eating/drinking.

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