Guidebook comes with 6 predefined themes, here you can find how to change them.

How to change a theme

  1. First navigate to rcore_guidebook\client\html\index.html

    1. The instructions are at the top of the file, but let's break it down!

  2. Find the line with <link rel="stylesheet" href="./css/dist/dark.css">

  3. There you can replace dark with one of the available themes

    1. Available themes: dark, light, green, red, purple, gold

    2. Example: To choose green theme you would replace dark with green like this: <link rel="stylesheet" href="./css/dist/green.css">

How to make your own theme

  1. First navigate to rcore_guidebook\client\html\css\dist

  2. Then copy the dark.css theme and rename it to your liking

    1. Example: If you want to make a new pink theme, you would copy dark.css and rename it to pink.css

  3. Open the new file and edit the colors inside

    1. 💡 You can use for example the google color picker to pick the colors

    2. 💡 These are the main colors in dark.css that you can "Find & Replace" in your editor.

      1. primary: #1D2228.

      2. background: #13181f.

      3. accent: #ff9100.

      4. text: #E1E2E2.

  4. Change the new theme in index.html as described above and enjoy your new theme! ✨🎉

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