Step by step documentation how to properly install script.


  1. Download the script from keymaster.

  2. Open downloaded zip, copy [banners] folder and put it in resources folder to your server files.

  3. Go to your server.cfg and add ensure [banners] as last ensured resource in your server.cfg!

  4. Add to bottom of server.cfg permission part (script need this permission to use properly ACE permission)

add_ace resource.rcore_banners command.add_ace allow
add_ace resource.rcore_banners command.remove_ace allow
add_ace resource.rcore_banners command.add_principal allow
add_ace resource.rcore_banners command.remove_principal allow
  1. Go to rcore_banners/config.lua and adjust the Inventory / Notify of your choice - as you need.

  • Standalone version does not have job and grade restriction available (you can edit it for your use in rcore_banners/server/modules/framework/standalone.lua)

Inventory = Inventories.AUTO_DETECT, -- [OX - ox_inventory, ESX - es_extended, QB - qb-inventory, MF - mf-inventory, QS - qs-inventory, PS-inventory AUTO_DETECT - Automatic detection will be performed]
Notify = Notify.STANDALONE, -- [ESX - es_extended, QB - qb-core, STANDALONE - rcore_banners] AUTO_DETECT - Automatic detection will be performed]
  1. Now install the inventory items / business using our included installer deployer tool.

  • Install every suggested deployer with server command bannersetup resourceName as seen on image below.

  1. Install included SQL (rcore_banners_billboards.sql) into your database.

  2. After you run previous command restart your server


You can adjust all command names in config.lua

  • /banners - open banners menu

  • /banners_debug - used for admins, which allows to see info about closest banners around ped if any found.

  • /billboardHide - command used for hiding billboards - it will enable tool, which allows to select billboards to hide on server.

  • /rbanner - allow to remove closest banner

Discord log

  1. Go to rcore_banners/sconfig.lua

  2. Change SConfig.LogWebhook value

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