How to create new server banner?

Step by step documentation how to create new server banners.

There are 2 types of bannners:

  • Custom - is banner created from image URL

  • YTD - is banned created from image defined in ytd file (texture dictionary).

General info

Supported image formats:

  • JPEG

  • PNG

  • GIF

Custom banner

  1. Make sure before accessing that you have permissions to access dashboard banner creation.

  2. Open ./banners there should be option Custom banner, you should see same as the image below.

  1. Now select your banner type, when doing custom, select Custom banner option.

  2. Banner name should be name of the banner which will hold specific banner.

  3. Your banner should be the image url of the banner under which banner name is defined.

  4. When you have filled all informations, should look like this:

  1. Now click on Save banner, you should see this confirmation pop-up:

  1. When you click on Save, the banner should be added to server, anybody will be able to use it!

YTD banner

  1. Add the image to rcore_banners/stream/rcore_banners.ytd with OpenIV

  2. Now load in-game and open./banners there should be option Dictionary banner, you should see same as the image below.

  1. When you click on Custom banner, now you should see this banner creation form.\

  2. When you click on save you should be redirect to homepage and your new ytd banner should be visible for all users.

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