This page serves as a guide to help you integrate your inventory with this resource.

For experienced DEVELOPERS only!

Config File

Start by setting the inventory to zero and make sure you don't have any of the supported inventories present on your server:

Config.Inventory = 0

Inventory Files

This resource utilizes inventories for stashes, opening another player's inventory and items manipulation. The files which you need to integrate are located in rcore_gangs/client/inventory/inventory.lua and rcore_gangs/server/inventory/inventory.lua. As with the framework or the dispatch the bridge functions in these files are described in JSDoc. You can get a good idea on what to do from the other inventory files. All the bridge functions print out an error message in the default, here's an example:

-- Retrieves all items from the player's inventory
-- @returns {table} items - The table containing all items and their metadata
Inventory.GetItems = function()
    -- If the inventory you use is not supported by this script, place your code here
    print('^1[GANGS] Inventory not recognized^7')

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