Business update

💼 Business update is here!

In this category you will learn how to use all the features of the new business update.

First, you should definitely update the script in your keymaster.

After updating, you will find new config in the rcore_tattoos folder, but wait, don't just go in there and try to do it yourself. Please read this guide first :)


This config has all the power, in here, you will be able to setup your desired businesses to make

Don't forget to import updated SQL file to your database, otherwise businesses won't work!

File location: rcore_tattoos\assets\db.sql

We highly suggest reading all the info in order and not skipping to anything, so you won't miss important steps.

But how?

1) First take a look in the Config section, there you will learn about basic business config settings.

2) After that, head to the Simple Business section, where you will see how to create a simple Standalone business without jobs, just a simple "money flowing to you without doing any work" business.

3) And for most configurable and fun business with employees, society etc. (ONLY ESX & QBCORE) check out the Business with jobs section.

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