Locales system

There you will find all necessary info about our locales system and how to integrated your language.

System overview

You need to define Language in config/config.lua\

How our locales looks:

return {
    ['PRISON_CHECK_ACCOUNT'] = '~INPUT_CONTEXT~ Check account',
    ['PRISON_CHECK_CANTEEN'] = '~INPUT_CONTEXT~ Check canteen',
    ['PRISON_CHECK_LOBBY'] = '~INPUT_CONTEXT~ Check lobby',
    ['PRISON_CHECK_JOB'] = '~INPUT_CONTEXT~ Show activities',
    ['LOBBY_MENU_GIFT'] = 'Gift credits to Prisoner',
    ['LOBBY_MENU_INPUT_CREDITS'] = 'How much credits you like to sent?',
    ['LOBBY_MENU_INPUT_ACCOUNT_ID'] = 'Specify accountId of Prisoner',
    ['OUTFIT_SELECTION_TITLE'] = 'Prisoner clothing',
    ['OUTFIT_SELECTION_EQUIP'] = 'Equip outfit named:',
    ['PRISON_TITLE'] = 'Prison',
    ['USER_IS_NOT_IN_JAIL'] = 'User is not in Prison!',
    ['PRISONER_WELCOME_BACK'] = 'Welcome back, remaining jail time:',
    ['ACCOUNT_TRANSACTIONS'] = 'Transactions',
    ['ACCOUNT_ID'] = 'Account number',
    ['ACCOUNT_GIFTSTATE'] = 'Receive gifts',
    ['ACCOUNT_CREDIT'] = 'Account credits',
    ['ACCOUNT_OWNER'] = 'Account owner',
    ['ACCOUNT_TITLE'] = 'Prison',
    ['ACCOUNT_SUBTITLE'] = 'Informations',
    ['BOOTH_NUMBER'] = 'Number:',
    ['CANTEEN_TITLE'] = 'Canteen',
    ['CANTEEN_SUBTITLE'] = 'Selection from our canteen.',
    ['CANTEEN_PRICE'] = 'Price for piece',
    ['CANTEEN_TAKE_AMOUNT'] = 'Take piece',
    ['NOT_ENOUGH_CREDITS'] = 'You dont have enought credits.',
    ['YOU_HAVE_BOUGHT_ITEM'] = 'You have bought item named',
    ['WARDEN_TITLE'] = 'Warden',
    ['GUY_IS_ALREADY_IN_PRISON'] = 'He is already in prison, failure!',
    ['PRISON_RELEASED_STATE'] = 'You are released from Prison!',
    ['REMAINING_JAIL_TIME'] = 'Sentence time:',
    ['OUTFIT_SELECTION_TIME'] = 'Remaining time to select Prison outfit:',
    ['RECEIVED_STARTER_CREDITS'] = 'You receive credits from state in amount.',
    ['TRANSACTION'] = 'Transaction',
    ['FOR_PRICE'] = 'for price',
    ['CREDITS_LABEL'] = 'credits',
    ['YES'] = 'YES',
    ['NO'] = 'NO',
    ['ACCOUNT_RECEIVED_TRANSACTION'] = 'You received credits in amount',
    ['ACCOUNT_RECEIVED_FOR_JOB'] = 'for job',
    ['ACCOUNT_CANNOT_ACCEPT_GIFTS'] = 'This account, cannot accept gifts!',
    ['ACCOUNT_CREDITS_SENT'] = 'You sent succesfully credits:',
    ['ACCOUNT_CREDITS_FAILED_SENT'] = 'Failed to sent credits, not enough money:',
    ['COMMAND_UNJAIL'] = 'You unjailed, citizen:',
    ['BOOTH_CREDITS'] = 'Credits:',
    ['BOOTH_CALL_STATE'] = 'State:',
    ['BOOTH_INACTIVE_STATE'] = 'Inactive',
    ['BOOTH_ACTIVE_STATE'] = 'Active',
    ['BOOTH_DEPOSIT_CREDITS'] = 'You need to deposit credits, for usage.',
    ['ACCOUNT_DOESNT_EXIST'] = 'Failed to find this account, unk.',
    ['JOB_CHECK_REQUIREMENT'] = 'You need to in job to perform this command.',
    ['COMMAND_SPECIFY_TARGET'] = 'You need to define target SID.',
    ['JOB_PRISON_CHECK'] = 'You need to be prisoner to do this job.',
    ['JOB_PRISON_COOLDOWN'] = 'You cannot do this job, try to come later.',
    ['JOB_PRISON_REACH_MAX_LIMIT'] = 'You cannot do this job, there are already enough people.',
    ['JOB_PRISON_PRISONER_HAVE_JOB'] = 'You cannot do this job, you already have one',
    ['JOB_PRISON_FINISHED'] = 'Mission is finished',
    ['JOB_PRISON_FINISHED_PAYOUT'] = 'Job was finished, paying of for your time.',
    ['JOB_PRISON_NEW_JOB_OFFER'] = 'I have job for you, if you are interested come.',
    ['JOB_PRISONER_NEW_MEMBER'] = 'Oh, somebody join us to help!',
    ['JOB_CLEAN_YARD_MISSION_TEXT'] = 'Clean position marked on minimap',
    ['ACCOUNT_SUBTITLE'] = 'Details',
    ['ACCOUNT_SETTINGS'] = 'Account settings',
    ['ACCOUNT_SETTINGS_GIFTS'] = 'Gift settings',
    ['ACCOUNT_SETTINGS_FRIENDS'] = 'Friend settings',
    ['ACCOUNT_SETTINGS_ADD_FRIEND'] = 'Add friend',
    ['ACCOUNT_RECEIVED_FOR_JOB'] = 'for job',
    ['ACCOUNT_REGISTER_INPUT_CONFIRM_LABEL'] = 'You want to create account?',
    ['ACCOUNT_REGISTER_INPUT_CONFIRM'] = 'Press [Enter] for account creation.',
    ['ACCOUNT_REGISTER_SUCCESS'] = 'You created Prison account with ID.',
    ['ACCOUNT_REGISTER_FAILURE'] = 'You already got, prison account!',
    ['ACCOUNT_REGISTER_PRISONER_REQUIREMENT'] = 'You cannot create Prison account, not prisoner!',
    ['ACCOUNT_TRANSACTIONS_NOT_RECEIVED_ANY'] = 'Failed to find any transactions to your account.',
    ['ACCOUNT_REQUIREMENT'] = 'You need to have Prison account, to access this',
    ['ACCOUNT_REGISTER'] = 'Create account',
    ['ACCOUNT_CONTACT_FOUND'] = 'Found your contact named',
    ['ACCOUNT_CONTACT_ADDED'] = 'Contact was added to your list in account.',
    ['ACCOUNT_CONTACT_NOT_FOUND'] = 'Cannot found your contact! | ',
    ['ACCOUNT_CONTACT_IS_LISTED'] = 'You have this contact in your list.',

Default languages, which are supported by default: 'cs', 'en'

Where are language files are defined?


How to define own language?

  1. Copy one of our language templates, which are defined.

  2. Create .lua file inside data/locales that is using short label for Country ('es.lua')

  3. Define your language text entries.

  4. Refresh and restart prison script

  5. Now -> Go to configs/config.lua -> Language: 'es'

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