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Frequently asked questions

How do I make the addon tattoo bigger?

Increase values in the Tattoo scale inputs while creating the tattoo. Recommended size for a bigger tattoo is 0.1.

How to use custom positions?

There are two ways to use a custom position.

  1. Use community positions

    • While creating the tattoo, you can click on a light green button "Community Positions" right above our predefined ones.

  2. Create your own positions

    • You can set a custom position by editing the Male and female position inputs in tattoo creation page.

    • You can also create a new positions here (only for logged in users) that you can later use on your tattoos

    • Tips to create a position:

      • There are currently no easy ways to get a tattoo position from a ped, you will have to try different positions to get the one you want

      • X is a horizontal position, Y is vertical

      • Increasing X = moving right, decreasing X = moving left

      • Increasing Y = moving up, decreasing Y = moving down

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