How to add msdos games

For example, we're going to use this website

So let's look for some games and let's pick for example iconic game Doom.

The game we want to add to our arcade script need to have listed emulator "js-dos"

if it has js-dos listed in the emulator then we can add it to the arcade script! Sweet!

The next step will be to view the source of the website on google chrome you can view the source of the website by pressing keys "ctrl + u"

After we finally see the source of the website, we will look for the string "DOSBox" by pressing keys "ctrl + f"

This is exactly what we're looking for "dos/zip/" and "./DOOM.EXE"

So it's time to just add it into config.lua

-- game list for retro machine
Config.RetroMachine = {
        name = "DOOM",
        link = string.format("nui://rcore_arcade/html/msdos.html?url=%s&params=%s", "", "./DOOM.EXE"),

Notice that we have to add a URL to the zip in the config

Well and that's all. The game should be in retro machine and working in arcade script :)

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