The whole script is basically drag and drop, but you need to add permissions in your server.cfg, see below.

Server config

Our script is using fivem ACE permission system so we need add permission for our resource to be able to add permission to our predefined groups.

❗ DO NOT CHANGE resource.rcore_stats TO ANYTHING ELSE ❗ This part needs to have the exact name as the resource.

Insert this lines into your server.cfg / permissions.cfg (or wherever you store your ACE permissions)

add_ace resource.rcore_stats command.add_ace allow
add_ace resource.rcore_stats command.add_principal allow
add_ace resource.rcore_stats command.remove_principal allow

Permissions setup

Permissions are set to default, but you can edit them in the permissions.lua file.

This will change the way players can interact with the script, for example who can see server stats, control panel etc.

You can find more about permissions in the Permissions section.

Config setup

There are multiple config files that you can adjust to your liking.

You will probably only need to adjust config.lua in the root folder.

There are also these, but don't change them unless you know what you are doing:

  • configs/config_performance.lua - performance settings

  • configs/config_units.lua - units settings (km/h, mph, etc.)

  • configs/config_other.lua

You can find more about configs in the Configs section.

Multichar support

If you are using a character selector/multichar system, you will probably need to do one small adjustment.

Please talk to your server developer if you are not familiar with this.

You will need to open the multichar script and find the function that is called after player is spawned (or relogged).

Then you can use either a client or server function to trigger player reload:




-- If you want to call it from the server, you need to provide server id of the player
TriggerEvent('rcore_stats:server:playerReload', playerId)

--Example: (reloading player with server id 2)
TriggerEvent('rcore_stats:server:playerReload', 2)

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