👉 Every configurable value is properly described in config.lua

You can change individual values in config.lua


If you see anything wrong and you would like to know more, for example to show in support ticket, you can set Config.Debug = true to see more debug info in client (F8) console ingame, or server console.


To change the language, go to config.lua and change value Locale to any of the available languages listed on the same row.

To add your own language, go to rcore_dance\locales, copy en.lua and translate the values inside. Name the new file to your country code (e.g. fr.lua for French), save it and change it in config.


There are three commands currently in the script, you can configure them in config.lua

  • /dance - Start minigame

  • /dance_accept - Accept invite to a battle

  • /dance_decline - Decline invite to a battle

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