Whiteboard script for FiveM

Common Issues & Solutions

this script REQUIRES artifact version 4752 or newer

Version check

Before submitting a support ticket or using anything in the documentation, always make sure that you have the newest update from your keymaster.


  1. Download the resource from the keymaster page.

  2. Copy [rcore_whiteboard] folder and put it in resources folder of your server

  3. Go to your server.cfg and add ensure [rcore_whiteboard]

  4. Add to bottom of server.cfg permission part (script need this permission to use properly ACE permission)

add_ace resource.rcore_whiteboard command.add_ace allow
add_ace resource.rcore_whiteboard command.add_principal allow
add_ace resource.rcore_whiteboard command.remove_ace allow
add_ace resource.rcore_whiteboard command.remove_principal allow
  1. Go to rcore_whiteboard/config.lua find Config.TargetSystem and set it to fit system that fits your server

Config.TargetSystem = Targets.STANDALONE
  1. Go to rcore_whiteboard/config.lua and find Config.Framework and set it to fit framework that fits your server

  • Standalone version does not have job and grade restriction available (you can edit it for your use in rcore_whiteboard/server/lib/permission.lua)

Config.Framework = Frameworks.STANDALONE

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