You can find assets/db.sql file in assets folder, please insert that sql into your database. It will create 3 tables for points, categories & pages.

Server config

Our script is using fivem ACE permission system so we need add permission for our resource to be able to add permission to our predefined groups.

Insert this lines into your server.cfg / permissions.cfg

add_ace resource.rcore_guidebook command.add_ace allow
add_ace resource.rcore_guidebook command.remove_ace allow
add_ace resource.rcore_guidebook command.add_principal allow
add_ace resource.rcore_guidebook command.remove_principal allow

Open with Key

You can also open guidebook with a key, we are using RegisterCommand so every player can rebind the key in the GTA settings (key bindings > fivem)

If you leave Config.RegisterOpenKey = false script will not register any key command.


Config.RegisterOpenKey = 'F9'

Turned off

Config.RegisterOpenKey = false


You can adjust all command names in config.lua

Discord log

  1. Go to rcore_guidebook/sconfig.lua

  2. Change SConfig.LogWebhook value

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