Cannot hear any music

Is there a problem with music from xradio / xdj / radiocar?

There can be many reasons, few scripts have edited xsound to the point where it's almost broken and unplayable.

This one is compatible with phone that can play youtube is known as "crewPhone" or "gcPhone"

If you don't have the phone mentioned above, follow this.

I recommend first updating xsound to the newest version.

Make sure that onesync is enabled and not on "legacy", you can check the onesync status by command onesync if it will be one "off" or "legacy" it may cause problems to xradio + radio car

If you cannot hear music but others can there be several reasons

You have muted NUI in-game

if you do not have muted NUI then the user need to go to the

control panel -> Sound and everything that is not used has to be disabled because youtube is confused and don't know what audio player to pick

The last thing that is a problem for most people is the loading screen, if you mute the youtube player there it will be muted everywhere, so unmute it.

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