How to create business?

Step by step documentation how to create business in rcore_banners

After defining your business configuration, ensure you've saved the changes to the file.

  1. Verify Resource: Make sure the rcore_banners resource is running within your server.

  2. Refresh: Execute the following command in your server console: refresh, ensure rcore_banners

  3. Registering as business: Then run in your server console /bannersetup business (This command refreshes the business data and sets up the newly defined business.)

  4. By following these steps, you'll successfully define a new business in rcore_banners.

  • Note: The business part is supported by default for QBCore/ESX only!

Choosing a Unique Identifier

Assign a unique identifier to your business that will be used internally to reference it.

Setting Business Properties

  • enabled: Set to true if the business should be active and usable.

  • name: Provide a human-readable name for your business.

  • pos: Specify the location using vec3(X, Y, Z) format (X, Y, and Z coordinates).

  • blipEnabled: Set to true if you want a map blip for your business.

  • blip: Define properties for the blip (optional):

    • name: Name displayed on the map.

    • color: Color of the blip (refer to documentation for color codes).

    • scale: Size of the blip.

    • sprite: Sprite icon displayed on the blip (refer to documentation for sprite codes).

Defining Interactions

  • interact: Define interaction points for players within your business. Each interaction point requires:

    • type: Type of interaction (e.g., Interact.PRODUCTION_MINIGAME, Interact.BOSS_MENU).

    • pos: Position using vec3(X, Y, Z) format.

    • heading (optional): Heading or rotation of the interaction point.

Setting Employee Grades

  • grades: Define different employee grades with corresponding salaries:

    • name: Name of the grade.

    • salary: Salary associated with the grade.

    • isBoss: Set to true for the boss grade.

Example Configuration

Here's an example configuration based on the provided template:

List = {
  ['my_business'] = {
    enabled = true,
    name = "My Business",
    pos = vec3(x, y, z),
    blipEnabled = true,
    blip = {
      name = "My Business Blip",
      color = 5, -- Yellow (refer to docs for color codes)
      scale = 1.0,
      sprite = 783,
    interact = {
        type = Interact.PRODUCTION_MINIGAME,
        pos = vec3(x1, y1, z1),
        heading = 90,
        type = Interact.BOSS_MENU,
        pos = vec3(x2, y2, z2),
        heading = 180,
    grades = {
        name = 'employee',
        salary = 50,
        name = 'manager',
        salary = 100,
        name = 'boss',
        salary = 200,
        isBoss = true,

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