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Installation Guide

Database installation

Start the script, and all databases required by rcore_tuning will be created automatically.

Setup guide

  1. Add rcore_tuning to your resources

  2. Add ensure rcore_tuning to your server.cfg

  3. Enjoy the script!

How to edit the config

Follow this guide we have created for you here to easily edit your config.

Framework integrations

While your framework should be detected automatically, the system we have implemented for that can sometimes fail. If it does fail, please follow the guide found here to fix any issues.

Job integrations

In order to use the jobs aspect of the script, you must integrate the job into your framework. Luckily, we've made it possible for you to simply copy and paste snippets to create jobs. This guide can be found here

Item integrations

If you've enabled the component item in the config, you'll now have to add the item to your framework. You can do so by following the guide found here

Changing prices of upgrades

Follow this guide we have created for you here to easily change prices of upgrades.

Chat commands

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