ME/DO Integration

To record me/do, you have to inform the cam framework that player has written a me or do.

To do so, in your serverside command handler, trigger the following event

-- for a DO
TriggerEvent('rcore_cam:do', Source, text)

-- for a ME
TriggerEvent('rcore_cam:me', Source, text)

-- Example (do NOT use the following code)
RegisterCommand('do', function(source, args)
    local Source = source
    local text = table.concat(args, " ")
    Send3dTextToMany("DO", 'lsrp_chat:do', Source, text, 'msg_do')
    TriggerEvent('rcore_cam:do', Source, text) -- example of triggering a DO
end, true)

Animation integration

By default, the camera system can't detect if your scripts are playing animations on peds. To do so, you have to put the following line in fxmanifest.lua of all resources that use TaskPlayAnim and you want such animations to be in recordings (i.e. emotes resource)

client_script '@rcore_cam/include/anim.lua'

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