The Cashier

The cashier options

At the Casino Cashier, players can either purchase chips using money or trade in their existing chips for cash.

Events that are being used for the Cashier (located in /server/main/casino.lua)





To prevent abuse and unauthorized actions, there is a default rate limit set for the cashier events, which allows only one event per second. If a player exceeds this limit and triggers these events more frequently, a warning message is displayed in the server console. This alert informs the server admins that there may be suspicious activity where the player is attempting to exploit the system and acquire chips without proper means. As a security measure, an antispam mechanism is activated, triggering the server event "Casino:Anticheat:Ban" along with the player's ID. You can modify this behavior in:



Daily Bonus

By default, players can receive a daily bonus of 1000 chips at the Cashier. This feature is enabled by default and can be adjusted in the config.lua file, under the "CASHIER_DAILY_BONUS" option. If you wish to disable the daily bonus, simply set "CASHIER_DAILY_BONUS = 0" in the configuration.

VIP Membership

Players have the option to purchase a VIP membership, which grants them exclusive access to VIP areas and the ability to participate in high-stakes games at the Casino. The price and the duration of the membership can be configured in config.lua, options:



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