Integrate Tattoos with your system

All events are SERVER SIDE!


  • playerId* = player server id

  • tattooName* = name of the tattoo in tattoo list (e.g. "TAT_AR_001")

  • tattooIdentifier* = combination of male & female hash (e.g "mpHeist3_Tat_003_M-mpHeist3_Tat_003_F")

  • expiration = expiration in real life days, if you want the tattoo to disappear, like a henna tattoo

  • opacity = tattoo opacity (1-5), default is 1

  • onlyPreview = open the shop as a preview shop (only browsing tattoos), true/false

  • part - body part to open the menu for - head, body, left_arm, right_arm, left_leg, right_leg, can be set as nil to open whole menu

  • cb* = callback function to handle response from the called event

* required

Server Events

Add player tattoo

Adds a tattoo to player's body without deducting their money and passes true/false to callback depending on success.

TriggerEvent('rcore_tattoos:addPlayerTattoo', playerId, tattooName, tattooIdentifier, expiration, opacity, cb)

Remove player tattoo

Removes a tattoo on player's body and passes true/false to callback depending on success.

TriggerEvent('rcore_tattoos:removePlayerTattoo', playerId, tattooIdentifier, cb)

Buy tattoo

Same as adding a tattoo, but this will go through the buying process (removing player money etc.) and passes true/false to callback depending on success.

TriggerEven-t('rcore_tattoos:buyTattoo', playerId, tattooName, tattooIdentifier, expiration, opacity, cb)

Get players tattoos

Returns a table of player's tattoos.

TriggerEvent('rcore_tattoos:getPlayerTattoos', playerId, cb)

Get tattoo price

Returns a price of the given tattoo as a number.

TriggerEvent('rcore_tattoos:getTattooPriceByName', tattooName, cb)

TriggerEvent('rcore_tattoos:getTattooPriceByIdentifier', tattooIdentifier, cb)

Open tattoo menu from anywhere

Opens the tattoo shop UI for a player

Also available for client! More info in client section below.

TriggerEvent('rcore_tattoos:openTattooMenuForPlayer', playerId, onlyPreview, part, cb)

Get tattoo collection by name

Returns collection of the tattoo from given name

  • tattooName - name of the tattoo (e.g. TAT_AR_001)

TriggerEvent(triggerName('getTattooCollectionByName'), tattooName, cb)
-- returns > mpchristmas2017_overlays

Get tattoo name hashes by name

Returns name hashes of the tattoo from given name

  • tattooName - name of the tattoo (e.g. TAT_AR_001)

TriggerEvent(triggerName('getTattooNameHashByName'), tattooName, cb)
-- returns > {
--     ["hashMale"] = MP_Christmas2017_Tattoo_007_M,
--     ["hashFemale"] = MP_Christmas2017_Tattoo_007_F,
-- }


Here you can see an example of an event call with a callback function

TriggerEvent('rcore_tattoos:getTattooPriceByName', 'TAT_AR_001', function(price)
    print('The tattoo price is $' .. price)

Console output:

The tattoo price is $300

Client events

Apply player tattoos

This event will reset & apply tattoos, can be useful when other script reset player tattoos

From server

TriggerClientEvent('rcore_tattoos:applyOwnedTattoos', playerId)

From client


You can also add extra parameter so tattoos will not clear all player decoration and only add new tattoos.

local withoutClearingTattoos = true
TriggerClientEvent('rcore_tattoos:applyOwnedTattoos', playerId, withoutClearingTattoos)

From client

local withoutClearingTattoos = true
TriggerEvent('rcore_tattoos:applyOwnedTattoos', withoutClearingTattoos)

Open tattoo menu from anywhere

Parameters are the same as in the server event above in server section!

To simply open tattoo menu in default form for client, call the event without any parameters.


If you want to change parameters, but still open for current client you are calling it from, set playerId as nil.

-- just an example, adjust parameters to your need :)
local onlyPreview = true
TriggerServerEvent('rcore_tattoos:openTattooMenuForPlayer', nil, onlyPreview)

Additional call after tattoo reset

If you for any reason need to do something from your other scripts after our script resets all ped decorations (tattoos, hair fades..), take a look at rcore_tattoos/client/api/helper.lua at the function resetPedDecorationsExtra

If you do not understand what this means, you can simply ignore it.

This function can be used for example to reapply your hair fades from another script that our script keeps deleting when it resets tattoos. If this happens to you, you can put some code inside this function and it will get executed every time the tattoos are reset from our script.

Business bossmenu marker reload

If you need to reload bossmenu markers manually, you can use this event call from client side


This will do the whole process of checking player job, if they are boss of certain business and whether to render the business bossmenu marker.

You can also use Config.JobReloadDelay if you need to do it automatically after certain seconds when the script loads. More info in Config section.

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