This page serves as a guide to help you localize this resource.


We support only the English language in the default, however you can either translate the original or make a new locale. Make sure you always set the language you want the resource to use:

Config.Locale = 'EN'


Please do note that missing translation will result in the label being translated as 'LABEL' translation not found. Do not translate words in {} curly braces as they hold information for dynamic values.

Original File

The easiest way to use your desired language is to translate the original in rcore_gangs/locale/en.lua file.

Separate File

You can make a separate file for your desired language in rcore_gangs/locale folder. The name of the file does not matter. Copy everything from the original file in rcore_gangs/locale/en.lua to the newly created one, translate the labels and change the language shortcut. Here's an example for French language file:

-- Original English language file
Locale = Locale or {}
Locale['EN'] = {
    -- Labels

-- Seprate French language file
Locale = Locale or {}
Locale['FR'] = {
    -- Labels

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