Standalone Version

Standalone version limits

The standalone version of the Casino does not rely on any framework. Instead, it utilizes a simple storage system implemented in the MySQL table casino_players.


To enable the Casino to work on Standalone version, please set Active = 3, under Framework settings.

Initial Chips

Every player who enters the Casino for the first time receives an initial chip amount. By default, this value is set to 100,000 chips. You can modify this value in the config.lua file, specifically under the Framework settings section.

Disabled Society

For the society feature to work in the standalone version, you need to implement your own methods to handle the society's funds.





Casino Workers

Admins can hire players as casino workers to assist with tasks such as delivering vehicles for the Lucky Wheel competition. This can be achieved by using the admin command /casinoworkers, which requires the ACE permission level "admin" to be granted.

Lucky Wheel Vehicle Giving

When a player wins a vehicle from the Lucky Wheel, the vehicle is spawned in front of the Casino entrance. Subsequently, the doors of the vehicle are unlocked for the winner. However, if you prefer, you can save the vehicle directly to their garage by implementing your own method in /server/main/cache.lua

Cache:GiveVehicle(playerId, vehicleProps), under Framework.Active == 3

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