To change the design, you can go to client\html\index.html and follow the easy instructions at the top. There you can choose from 6 predefined designs.

If you want your own colors, you can follow tutorial below.

You can also change the whole design, if you edit index.html and main.css, but we can't provide any support with that.

Custom color design

To add your own design, simply create a new .css file at client\html\style\themes\ and paste this inside:

:root {
    --color-white:      ?
    --color-black:      ?
    --color-primary:    ?
    --color-secondary:  ?
    --color-light:      ?
    --color-border:     ?
    --color-accent:     ?
    --color-success:    ?
    --color-error:      ?
    --color-text:       ?
    --color-highlight:  ?
    --slider-dot-color: ?

Then you can replace the "?" with colors you want your design to have.

  • for example: #000, red, rgb(255, 123, 321) and more here 🔗

If you want some inspiration, you can look at client\html\style\themes\dark.css

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