Here you can learn about basic business config settings.

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Config location: rcore_tattoos\config_business.lua


Don't touch this one.

ConfigBusiness = {}


ConfigBusiness.DefaultMargin = 20
ConfigBusiness.MinMargin = 0
ConfigBusiness.MaxMargin = 100

These margin settings configure the margin of the tattoo price. The margin is configurable ingame per business, but in here, you can set the default for new business and also set min and max margin the business owners can set.

Each value is in percent (e.g. 20 = 20%)

  • DefaultMargin

    • The default margin when business is created

  • MinMargin

    • Minimal margin business owner can set. Should be left 0 to make sense.

  • MaxMargin

    • Maximal margin business owner can set.

    • Here you should cap it at the max percent you think is best for your server economy. 100% means, that business owner can set the price of their tattoos to double the base price from your config.

    • With margin 100, tattoo for 300$ will go for 600$ and business will receive 300$ in profit


To make tattooing fun for the Business with jobs, you will need to complete small and easy minigame to tattoo a customer. The minigame consists of employee keeping a constantly moving circle inside an area to keep their hands steady and not mess up the tattoo.

All minigame settings are in ms (1000 = 1 sec.), only MinigameDifficulty is a multiplier of difficulty.

ConfigBusiness.MinigameDifficulty = 1.0
ConfigBusiness.MinigameConfirmTimeout = 10000 
ConfigBusiness.TutorialReadTimeFirst = 4000
ConfigBusiness.TutorialReadTime = 500  
  • MinigameDifficult

    • Difficulty of the tattooing minigame. Default is set to 1.0 which isn't too easy or too hard. Minimum is 0.5 - pretty easy.

    • There is no maximum, but bear in mind that anything higher then 3.0 can get boring for the player.

  • MinigameConfirmTimeout

    • Time the employee has to confirm start of tattooing before it expires and cancels the tattooing session.

  • TutorialReadTimeFirst

    • Time the small minigame tutorial is displayed after player logs in for the first time since last restart.

  • TutorialReadTime

    • Time the tutorial is displayed for each tattoo session, but the first one, until the next server restart.

Job grades

ConfigBusiness.AutoInsertJobGrades = true

If you have this option set to true and you have ESX, job grades will be added to jobs database table when you add new business to ConfigBusiness.Businesses

You can define the grades for each business in the business' settings like this:

some_business_id = {
    ... -- some business settings
    job = {
        ... -- some job settings
        grades = {
                name = 'novice',
                name = 'artist',
                name = 'boss',
                isBoss = true,

ESX Bossmenu settings

If you have ESX, you can edit the boss menu options here. (e.g. disable washing money)

ConfigBusiness.DefaultESXMenuOptions = {
    withdraw = true,
    deposit = true,
    wash = false,
    employees = true,
    grades = true,

You can also change bossmenu options for only one job, more in Business with jobs.

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