Society Info & Settings

When you install the "rcore_casino" resource, players' spending contributes to a shared casino fund. This fund is used to pay them when they exchange their chips for money, creating a realistic financial system for your casino.

Installing on ESX

To enable the society feature with ESX, ensure that you've added the "society_casino" row to the MYSQL tables: addon_account and addon_account_data.

Installing on QBCore

For QBCore, enable the society feature by installing the "casino" job in your /shared/jobs.lua.

Integration with custom framework/resource

If you're using a custom framework/resource, you can manage the casino funds with your own society resource. Modify these three functions in /server/main/society.lua:

1. To deduct money from the society fund:

function RemoveMoneyFromSociety(money)
    -- Add your own method to manage society money here

2. To add money to the society fund:

function GiveMoneyToSociety(money)
    -- Add your own method to manage society money here

3. To retrieve money from the society fund:

function GetMoneyFromSociety()
    -- Add your own method to manage society money here
    return 10000

To edit the society settings, look into file config.lua

Enabling Society Account

EnableSociety = true

Whether you want to use a society account for all Casino payouts/deposits. When disabled, all payouts are directly sent to players without affecting any bank/society accounts.

Limiting Payouts (Empty Society Account)

SocietyEmptyWithdrawPercentage = 35

When your society account is empty, you can reduce players payouts. Example code above is a percentage, how much money players get from their chips-to-money transaction.

Disabling Payouts (Empty Society Account)

SocietyEmptyWithdrawPercentage = 0

To halt all Casino payouts (Trade In Chips at the Cashier) when your society account is empty , use the example setting above.

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