Editing your config



Your framework should be autodetected by the script so you shouldn't have to fill out Framework, SocietySystem or any of the FrameworkTriggers.

Item integration

Setting Components to true will enable a secondary economy within mechanic shops. Players will purchase upgrades and upgrade vehicles using an item instead of money. When set to false, money is used within mechanic shops.

You can change ComponentItemName to any name provided it is an actual item. When Components is set to false, this option does nothing.


Setting UseSocietyMoney to false and also having Components set to false will lead to the player being charged directly. Alternatively, setting UseSocietyMoney will use the mechanic shop's job society to make that purchase.

When UseJobs is true, the mechanic shops are controlled by a certain job and players will be required to have that job to install modifications on customers vehicles however if UseJobs is set to false, players will be able to install their own modifications on their vehicle.

If UpgradesPurchasable is set to true, business owners will have to purchase upgrades before their mechanics can install it on a customers vehicle however, if set to false, the mechanic can install all modifications from the get-go.

Certain features within mechanic shops

There are certain features that can be easily disabled as we know that certain servers will not want these features to be accessable. Setting EnableCamberAndSpacers, EnableNitrous or AllowChameleonPaint to true will enable that feature.

The nitrous UI can be enabled by setting EnableNitrousUI to true while you can change the effect of nitrous on vehicles by increasing/decreasing nitrousTorqueMultiplier (Increasing means it'll go faster)

Chameleon paints price can be changed by altering ChameleonPaintCostMultiplier

Target scripts

You can enable a target script here if you prefer using that. Setting UseQTarget, UseBTTarget or UseQBTarget will enable that target script to work with rcore_tuning.

Additional config options

Setting OnlyOwnersCanTuneOwnedCars to true means that only the player who owns that vehicle can change the tuning options on that vehicle. We recommend keeping this feature enabled.

We understand that some servers will want bulletproof tires while some won't. We have added an option that can enable bulletproof tires which can be found in the config under AllowBulletproofTires

The keys used in the script can easily be found in the config under Keys. All information about controls can be found here: The code that is needed in the config is referred to as Index on the FiveM documentation while label is referred to as Name.

Configurating tuning shops

    job = 'lscustoms', -- The job required by mechanics to install upgrades (If UseJobs is set to false, this won't matter.)

    interiors = { -- You shouldn't need to change this. rcore_tuning will autodetect the interior id.
        [153601] = true,
    coords = vector3(732.59, -1078.7, 22.16), -- Location of tuning shop (Should be in the centre)
    officeCoords = vector3(725.81, -1071.28, 27.26), -- Location of business menu used to purchase upgrades
    paintBoothZone = vector3(735.82, -1071.94, 21.79), -- Location where vehicles are painted
    smokePos = vector3(735.79, -1072.15, 22.23), -- Location of smoke when vehicle is being painted
    smokeRotation = vector3(0.0, 0.0, 0.0), -- Recommended to keep this the same
    modifier = 0.8, -- Price modifier for that store
    stockpiles = { -- When installing these items, players will have to retrieve it from these stockpiles first
        bonnet = vector3(737.39, -1066.43, 21.11),
        exhaust = vector3(737.52, -1081.89, 21.09),
        paintBooth = vector3(733.19, -1076.74, 21.12),
        brakes = vector3(733.99, -1064.3, 21.09),
        paint = vector3(737.75, -1078.14, 21.12),
        wheels = vector3(725.64, -1069.09, 21.11),
    -- Set either of these to true for motorcycles or cars only.
    -- motorcycleOnly = true, 
    -- carOnly = true,

The rest of the config

We do not recommend editing the rest of the config as it can cause issues within the script however, you can change the label's of all items here without any issues.

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