Here you can find description of all available settings in config.lua.


Config.Debug - Enable debug mode.

If you encounter anything weird happening in the script, please turn on debug mode and screenshot F8 and server console logs and send it to us on our Discord.

If you want to show only certain debug logs in your console, comment out the ones you don't want to see in DebugLevel like this:

    Debug = true,
    DebugLevel = {
        -- 'INFO',
        -- 'DEBUG',


Framework = 0

  • you can leave this as 0 for automatic framework detection

  • if you want to force the framework, set it to

    • 1 = ESX

    • 2 = QBCore

    • 3 = Other


Locale = 'en'

If you want to change a language:

  1. go to rcore_guidebook_v2\locales

  2. copy en.lua, paste it and rename it to your language code (example: de.lua)

  3. translate everything inside the file

  4. change Locale in config.lua to your language code (example: Locale = 'de')


Commands = {
    Help = 'help',
    SendHelp = 'sendhelp',
    Admin = 'helpadmin',
    Navigate = 'pointgps',

These are all the defauls commands you can use in the guidebook.

If you want to change them, just change the value to your desired command name like this: Help = 'serverguide',


Keys = {
    OpenGuidebook = 'F9',
    HelpPointOpen = Keys.E,

You can also open guidebook with a key, we are using RegisterCommand so every player can rebind the key in the GTA settings (key bindings > fivem)

If you leave Config.RegisterOpenKey = false script will not register any key command.

Here you can find all available key binds: ๐Ÿ‘‰ If you can't find your desired key at the link above, it is unfortunately not possible to use it.


Config.RegisterOpenKey = 'F9'

Turned off

Config.RegisterOpenKey = false


DisablePageContentCopy = false

This value disables text highlight using players mouse and Ctrl+C of page content.


DisableDataPermissions = false

This value disables (job) restrictions for categories, pages and help points (if disabled, all previously restricted data will be visible to everyone)


UseFrameworkNotify = false

If true, default framework notification system will be used instead of guidebook notifications.

Framework triggers

Do not change these unless you know what you are doing. These are only used if your framework/load event/notify event are renamed from the default ones.

If left blank, everything is automatically done for you.

FrameworkTriggers = {
    resourceName = '', -- [ ESX = 'es_extended' / QBCore = 'qb-core' ] Set the resource name, if left blank, automatic detection will be performed
    load = '',         --[ ESX = 'esx:getSharedObject' / QBCore = 'QBCore:GetObject' ] Set the shared object event, if left blank, default will be used (deprecated for QBCore)
    notify = '',       -- [ ESX = 'esx:showNotification' / QBCore = 'QBCore:Notify' ] Set the notification event, if left blank, default will be used

๐Ÿงช Experimental

โ—โ— NO SUPPORT WILL BE PROVIDED, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - All experimental features may not work as expected


IFrameInsertIntoPage = false

If true, you will be able to add iframe (embed website) to guidebook pages

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