Adding the ammunation job for ESX

Disclaimer: This is meant for developers, please create a ticket if you require assistance on how to add this to your server

Run this SQL in your database. This will add the ammunation job and also give them $50,000 to order some weapons to sell

INSERT INTO `jobs` (`name`, `label`, `whitelisted`) VALUES
('ammunation', 'Ammunation', 0);

INSERT INTO `job_grades` (`job_name`, `grade`, `name`, `label`, `salary`, `skin_male`, `skin_female`) VALUES
('ammunation', 0, 'employee', 'Ammunation Employee', 125, '{}', '{}'),
('ammunation', 1, 'owner', 'Ammunation Owner', 150, '{}', '{}');

INSERT INTO `addon_account` (`name`, `label`, `shared`) VALUES
('ammunation', 'ammunation', 1);

INSERT INTO `addon_account_data` (`account_name`, `money`, `owner`) VALUES
('ammunation', 50000, NULL);

You'll have to set an owner of the job. You can do this using /setjob [playerID] ammunation 1.

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