Changing Default Values

If you want to change the default stat types, achievements, or categories, you can do so in the rcore_stats\server\api\sv-api-storage.lua file.

You will need to delete all rcore_stats database tables and restart the script to see the changes.

We recommend doing this while installing the script for the first time, as this will delete all data.


We highly discourage you from removing any of the default values.

If you want to remove some of them, you can do so in the Control Panel in the game if you have the necessary permissions. There you can disable a stat type, which will stop it from being measured and displayed to anyone. If an achievement is tied to that stat type, it will also be disabled.

  1. Look for one of these functions to change the data:

    1. Categories: insertDefaultCategories

    2. Stat types: insertDefaultStatTypes

    3. Achievements: insertDefaultAchievements

  2. Change the data to your liking.

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