Prison Break

There you can find all informations related to our Prison break system


Prison Break features enable dynamic escape scenarios for players within the game. These features support all existing maps, with Alcatraz support coming soon.


Supports All Maps

  • Compatibility with all existing maps.

  • Future support for Alcatraz map is in development (its planned with author)

Prison Break is not supported in for Molo's Alcatraz Prison!

Multiple Escape Routes

  • Various escape routes are available and marked with blips on the map.

  • Subtitles guide the initiator through the escape process.

Repairable Prison Fences

  • Destroyed prison fences can be repaired by players with the 'job: police' role.

Inventory Clearance and Solitary Confinement

  • Players caught during escape attempts (e.g., cutting the wall) will have their inventory cleared.

  • Caught players are sent to solitary confinement automatically, resetting the prison break process.

Escape Initiation

  • Escape is activated by an in-mate offering to escape from prison.

  • Requires a wire cutter to initiate (by default).

Player Interactions

  • All prisoners can interact with the escape process.

  • New prisoners arriving during an active prison break can also participate.

How It Works

  1. Locate the Initiator:

    • Find the prisoner marked on your map who is offering the chance to escape.

  2. Acquire Required Tools:

    • Ensure you have the necessary tools, such as a wire cutter, to initiate the escape.

  3. Activate Escape Sequence:

    • Interact with the marked prisoner to start the escape process.

  4. Follow the Route:

    • Follow the marked blips on the map that indicate various escape routes.

    • Use the subtitles to guide you through each step.

  5. Avoid Detection:

    • Be cautious to avoid getting caught by the guards or other players.

    • If caught, your inventory will be cleared, and you will be sent to solitary confinement, resetting the escape attempt.

  6. Repairing Fences:

    • If you are playing as a police officer, you can repair destroyed prison fences to prevent escapes.

  7. Engage with Other Players:

    • Interact with other prisoners to collaborate on the escape.

    • New prisoners can join the escape attempt if they arrive while it is active.

How dispatch works for Prison Break?

  1. When police units received dispatch call:

  • When Guards see broken wall, alarm will be started and dispatch is called (Prison break active)

  • When Guards see Prisoner cutting through wall, alarm will be started and dispatch is called (Prison break active)

  • Guards can see only 180 view angle to see/report anything that occurs.

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