Simple Business

Simple business without employees and job

Please don't skip the tutorial parts, make sure to start here: Business Update

Simple business is STANDALONE!

Simple business is the basic part of the config. It allows you to create a player owner business where they receive money from every tattoo sold.

This is the simpler version where you don't have a society/job or employees. You only own the business, manage the price margin and deposit/withdraw money.

How to?

All the steps below are the base for simple and for complex business with jobs, pay attention! 👀

1) Go into the base config.lua and choose a shop in Config.Shops that will be a business.

2) When you choose the job, simply add a businessId to it. It can be anything you want (only Aa-Zz, -, _, and numbers). I have chosen my_business, but you can choose anything!

{   -- Shop as a business with job and employees
    pos = ...,
    blip = ..., 
    marker = ...,
    businessId = 'my_business',

3) Now finally go into the business config rcore_tattoos\config_business.lua and into ConfigBusiness.Businesses add a new business with your chosen ID like this:

ConfigBusiness.Businesses = {
    my_business = {}

And now, let's take a look at the simple business settings.

Config Structure

Coordinates for bossMenu and animations for the 5 basic shops in config.lua, can be found in Default settings

my_business = {
    enabled = true,
    businessName = "tattoobusiness",
    owner = "",
    bossMenu = {
        pos   = vector3(1862.2, 3748.2, 33),
        size  = vector3(1, 1, 1),
        color = {r=255, g=255, b=255, a=255},
        markerLabel = '💼'

As you read before, Simple business can be used with any framework, if you ofcourse somehow provide the script with information on how to take money from player.

  • enabled

    • true/false simple switch if the business should be enabled or not

  • businessName

    • (only Aa-Zz, -, _, and numbers)

    • Here you can set the name of the business to be used in database.

    • Multiple businesses can have same businessName therefore you can have more shops as one business receiving money from all of them!

    • This is the name you then use in /setjob, with the example above, you would use /setjob 1 tattoobusiness for example in ESX/QB

  • owner

    • Identifier of the owner of the shop. The identifier type (license, steam hex...) must be same as you have set in main tattoos config.

  • bossMenu

    • settings of bossmenu where owner can manage margin and handle money

    • pos= vector3 position of the bossmenu marker

    • size= vector3 size of the marker, should be left at 1,1,1 for optimal size

    • color= RGB color of marker if text is used (also contains A for opacity)

    • markerLabel= what will be displayed as marker (the suitcase looks nice, you can keep it like that), but also supports basic texts and other unicode emojis

👏 Alright! You should be all set for making money without doing anything with your business.. that's what you want, right?

Or maybe you want employees and have fun with the business? Then you should continue to next category! 😉

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