Main config

There are multiple config files that you can adjust to your liking.

You will probably only need to adjust config.lua in the root folder.

There are also these, but don't change them unless you know what you are doing:

  • configs/config_performance.lua - performance settings

  • configs/config_units.lua - units settings (km/h, mph, etc.)

  • configs/config_other.lua


If you see anything wrong and you would like to know more, for example to show in support ticket, you can set Config.Debug = true to see more debug info in client (F8) console ingame, or server console.


To change the language, go to config.lua and change value Locale to any of the available languages listed on the same row.

To add your own language, go to rcore_stats\locales, copy en.lua and translate the values inside. Name the new file to your country code (e.g. fr.lua for French), save it and change it in config. Don't forget to change the Locale['en'] to your country code in the new file. (e.g. Locale['fr'] for French)


There is only one command in the script:

  • /stats - Open stats panel

You can change this command as Config.Commands.OPEN_UI in config.lua


Do not change anything in the danger zone unless you know what you are doing.

In here you will be able to force set framework and database stuff. This is automatically done for you if you do not touch this part.

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