Here you can see problems we know about and easily try to solve them with given instructions.

Common Issues & Solutions

this script REQUIRES artifact version 4752 or newer

Version check

Before submitting a support ticket or using anything in the documentation, always make sure that you have the newest update from your keymaster.

Something wrong, but no error shows up

Navigate to config.lua and turn on debug to show us the error in support (errors are then displayed in F8 console ingame, or in server console)

Config.Debug = true

Leg tattoos are only on right leg (or being mirrored to left leg)

If you see all leg tattoos only on right leg (or only on left), or if you select a leg tattoo and it shows on both legs at one time, please check if you have correct body part IDs set in Config.NakedPartsIds

Id's for body parts vary by server, so you can have it different that the default ones! We recommend checking what body part ID player has when they don't have clothes e.g. by using /skin and similar skin changing commands.

IDs to check: pants_1, pants_2, shoes_1, shoes_2

Tattoos disappear after revive

If you have esx_ambulancejob read the steps below. We haven't encountered this bug with other scripts, but the steps to fix should be very similar to this one, you will just put the lines of code in the revive event of your script :)

How to fix?

Go into the client folder of the ambulancejob, find main.lua file and open it.

In there try to find event called esx_ambulancejob:revive. After you find it, make a new line at the end of that event (right before the word end that is ending the event) and insert these two lines:


After that, restart the ambulance script and also the tattoos script and try again ingame :)

I can't see my addon tattoos ingame

After downloading your addon tattoos pack from our Addon generator, you have probably put them in correct place as you could see in the video tutorial from Addon Tattoos category.

You will also have to add it to the config file manually, but we are planning to make it automatic in future updates.

Go into rcore_tattoos/assets/tattooLists and there you will see all files of tattoos you have in the tattoo shops. One or more of them will be from addon generator, you can find them by name rcoreAddonTattoos_something.json instead of something, you will have your pack name. Copy that full name with the .json extension and go into rcore_tattoos/config.lua and put that file name to Config.TattooLists like this:

Config.TattooLists = { 
    ... -- some more tattoo lists here

Business update - two businesses money conversion not working

If you do not use business update features, you don't need to continue reading.

You may have already noticed that if you have ESX and tattoo business with job enabled and you disable it, the society money will convert to business money in the database.

The problem can appear when you have two businesses set up under same business name (which you can totally do, why not have 10 shops for one company!), but you always need to have all of them set up as same business type, either only business, or only society (job).

If you set one shop as basic business, you will need to have all shops of the same business set in same way and same for business with job.

No such export closeMenu in resource qb-core

This bug was fixed in version 2.1.0, please update the script in your keymaster.

  1. Open file rcore_tattoos\client\lib\business\menu.lua

  2. On line 17 you should see this (if not, find it in the code, please)

  3. Replace it with this:

  4. Save file, restart rcore_tattoos, try again. It should be fixed now.

fivem-appearance removing tattoos after clothes change

Currently one version of fivem appearance ( is removing tattoos when you change clothes. We have been discussing possible fix with it's author, but we haven't come to a conclusion yet.

One thing you can do in the meantime is to check newer version of fivem-appearance called illenium-appearance. Author of this version collaborated with us and added support for rcore_tattoos, more in the link.

qs-inventory clothes bug

If you are experiencing a bug with new qs-inventory, most likely your clothes get taken off as items into inventory when entering shop, you can do this:

Go into rcore_tattoos/client/api/helper.lua and change following functions to this

function beforeMenuOpen(pos, onlyPreview)
    getNaked(pos, onlyPreview)

-- This function is called after tattoo shop menu is closed
function afterMenuClose()

GTA Texture limit

Tattoos stop appearing after buying xxx of them

This is unfortunately a GTA limitation we can do nothing about as of now. We know you might argue that it is the script's fault, but let us explain.

GTA has some sort of limitation for how many tattoos a player can have on their body. We currently don't know the exact number as it varies by person. We think it is related to PC performance, meaning the better PC you have, the more tattoos it will let you see. This idea came out of testing on different devices where we could apply as many as 100+ tattoos and still seeing them on ourselves and other players in game, but we had customers telling us that they can apply less.

One more thing, you might not see the tattoo while previewing it in shop when you reach this limit and after buying, you can suddenly see it. So just so you know - it does not work like that and you can still only have the limit your PC allows. But why?

Previewing works in a way that it applies tattoo to all of your tattoos, meaning if you have 100 tattoos, it will put it as 101st. Buying on the other way adds the tattoo to your tattoo data and reapplies all tattoos again in random order and you may already see the problem. If your limit is 100, you buy 101, it will still only add 100 tattoos but randomly from your data, so you might see the new one you couldn't see in preview due to the limit, but other of your previously bought tattoo will have dissapeared.

Only some tattoos showing / other players not seeing my tattoos

This problem is mostly related to the one above. We've investigated this problem many, many times and we might have found a possible problem.

From our investigation, we have found that tattoos may have the lowest priority when it comes to loading textures. Meaning maps, clothes and cars come before tattoos. But what does that mean? The amount of .ytd (texture) files you can load at once is limited to certain number. When you load xxx textures, some tattoos start to disappear.

At first we thought the problem is on our side, but after lot of hours testing this, we have found out that the problem is on GTA's side. As of now we are discussing possible workaround/fix with FiveM authors. Thank you for your patience.

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