Hide report window partially

With K keycap you are able to partially hide report system and control your character while waiting for new message. Indicator is visible and shows you when new message is available.

Quick reports

Buttons for quick reports are visible from main page. You could define button label and report title for easier report creation or to list commonly used report titles.


All reports have timeline visible for all admins. Every change in report (report created, new message, players invited by admin, closed report, ...) is stored here and listed for quick overview of admin's activity.

History with timeline/chat

All closed reports are stored in history and you could see timeline and chat history of whole report

Admin statistics

Simple statistics are listed here for each admin (who has at least one solved report). Statistics contains "solved reports", "unfinished reports", "closed reports", "shortest report time", "average report time", "longest report time".

You could also see average sum of all statistics.

Admin duty

In settings you could toggle your duty to determine if you are free to solve reports or you just have other work/want to enjoy some event/play.

Info message when there is no admin available

Players see simple info message when no admin is available right now.

Screenshots in report chat

Players are able to send screenshots with simple click in report chat. Screenshots is stored in discord and preview link from discord is used in report chat. You are able to zoom by clicking on the image and there is also legend for admins to identify all players in the area (player names and IDs are hidden under aliases, only admins are able to identify them)


Report system have simple tag system and admin is able to assign existing/new tag to each report for easier searching/identification

Admin has simple sidebar next to chat to quickly switch between opened reports. When new message is available in any report indicator is shown in sidebar.

Invite other players

Only admin is able to invite/kick other players into/from report.

Admin actions

Admin has access to simple actions with each player by clicking on his name in right sidebar.

  • teleport to

  • bring player

  • freeze/unfreeze player

  • god mode for player

Players in area

When report is created information about players in same area as author of the report is gathered and stored into report. You could see gathered data in "PLAYERS IN AREA" section in right sidebar. Data gathered:

  • health

  • armor

  • discordID

  • coords

  • items/weapons in inventory

Server console log

Server console log is stored in resource folder when new report is created for easier access to all server errors.


All actions are connected to basic notifications from ESX/QBCore with option to use your own notification system.

Hide messages in chat

Admins are able to hide any message in report chat. Messages are hidden only to players, admins could still see the hidden message.

Reply to messages

You could use REPLY button to mark any message you want to reply for easier communication.

Discord logs

Logs when report is created. You could choose if log is sent with first message or immediately when report is created.

HTML Transcripts (optional)

When report is closed transcript in HTML format is send via webhook to your discord server with report chat preview.

Custom color for admin name/message background in chat

It's possible to set unique color to admin names and messages background in report chat for easier readability.

Title Editation

It's possible for admins to change report title anytime

Notifications about unresolved reportsr

You could set reminder for players when they join the server notification with information about unresolved reports is sent to them automatically.

Inventory preview

You could see in report what items/weapons players have in their inventory. There is also search input for easier searching.

Admin Chat

In admin settings chat is available for all admins.

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