Group Setup



Key: name

Internal name of the group.


Key: requirements

Table of requirements to be in group.

  • Job

    Key: job

    Job name identifier from your framework.

  • Grades

    Key: grades

    Table with grades from your framework associated with previous job name

  • Gang

    Key: gang Gang name identifier from qb-core or rcore_gangs if UseRCoreGangs is enabled in config

  • Items

    Key: items

    Table with items that you need to have in inventory

See (visibility of groups)

Key: see

Table with internal names of groups that group should see.

⚠️ If players in group should see yourself, there need to be included also name of the same group!

⚠️ The name of group is not name of the job!


Key: blip

Blip properties of the group. More here in section with blip.

Vehicle blip

Key: vehicleBlip

Blip properties of the group, when player sits in vehicle.

Allow prefix & suffix editing

Key: allowPrefixSuffixEdit

Whether the player should be able to edit his prefix and suffix or not.


    name = 'example',
    requirements = {
        job = 'police',
        grades = {
        items = {}
    see = {
        'example', -- ⚠️
    blip = {
        name = '{PREFIX} {PLAYER_NAME} {SUFFIX}',
        sprite = 60,
        color = 8,
        headingIndicator = true,
        showCone = true,
        category = 7,
    vehicleBlip = {
        color = 3,
        sirenFlash = 1,
    allowPrefixSuffixEdit = true,

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