QBCore Installation

  1. Head to https://keymaster.fivem.net/asset-grants and download rcore_gunshop

  2. Once installed, go to your resources folder and drag and drop the rcore_gunshop folder.

  3. Now open the rcore_gunshop folder and head to the shared folder.

  4. Open the config.lua that can be found in the shared folder.

  5. You'll be able to see Framework = 0. Change this to Framework = 2.

  6. Once you've done that, change Inventory = 0 to the inventory that you are using.

  7. Once you've started rcore_gunshop, we'd recommend restarting qb-shops to avoid issues.

  8. If using Quasar's inventory, we'd also recommend restarting qs-shops to avoid issues.

  9. You're all set to start the resource!

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