You can find assets/sql/db.sql file in assets folder, please insert that sql into your database.

MySQL setup

In fxmanifest.lua select library you want to use for MySQL. Select from either mysql-async or oxmysql.

If you want to use oxmysql

    -- '@mysql-async/lib/MySQL.lua',

If you want to use mysql-async

    -- '@oxmysql/lib/MySQL.lua',


Screenshot-basic is required for screenshots feature in report chat. Downloadable here


Yarn is required for transcript logs functionality.

You can find logo in client/ui/logo.{hash}.png. To set your logo replace it with the new one replace it with your logo and use same name.

Used logo size is 174x56px

Config setup

Open the config.lua file.


if you use ESX/QBCore as your framework and you renamed the folder with the script change the name here

Config.FrameworkResourceName = 'my_es_extended'

Allowed admin groups

All groups specified here have admin permissions. It allows admins to toggle on/off duty and solve reports.

Config.AllowedGroups = {
    'superadmin', --ESX
    'admin', --ESX
    'god', --QBCore

All groups specified here have super admin permissions. This grants access to admin statistics with simple overview of their activity.

Config.SuperAdminGroups = {

Discord webhooks setup

Open the sconfig.lua file

DiscordPlayersReportScreenshotsWebhook (required)

This webhook is used for screenshots sent by players. It also works as storage for all screenshots and links of those screenshots are used in report chat.

SConfig.DiscordPlayersReportScreenshotsWebhook = 'WEBHOOK'

DiscordReportsLogWebhook (optional)

This webhook is used for simple preview of newly created reports.

SConfig.DiscordReportsLogWebhook = 'WEBHOOK'

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