Slot Machines

Customizing slot machines.

Winning Chance

All slot machines are set to be more unlucky, so it doesn't harm your server economy. You can change all the settings in const.lua (machineModels).

Jackpot Limit / Reducers

jackpotLimiter = 100

Jackpots can be hit only once per 100 spins. You can change the value for each machine.

ShowUpReducer = 70

Show up recuder can be set on each item of each slot machine individually. Example: Setting ShowUpReducer to 70 for Sevens, in Miner, will do following:

Seven will have 100% (same) chance to hit for first time, then (-70%), 30% chance to hit for second time, then (-70%), 9% chance to hit for third time.

Unlucky Factor

unluckyFactor = 5

Each 5th spin will hit 0 chips no matter what, set unluckyFactor = 2 for each second spin, set to 1000 if you don't need it.

Please don't change any other values unless you know what you're doing.

Max bet of each machine it set to fit the scores written on the machine models. Don't change it, unless you don't care about breaking the scoring :)

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