How to change UI logo?

Step by step documentation how to change the app logo.


  1. Go to this file and open it: [banners]/rcore_banners/config.lua

  2. Search for Config.UI_SETTINGS, you should see something like this.

    MINIGAME_LINE_THICKNESS = 20, -- Thickness of the line
    MINIGAME_POINTS_PER_LEVEL = 15, -- How many points player needs to get to level up
    MINIGAME_MAX_LEVEL = 3, -- Max level for minigame
    APP_LOGO = 'logo.png', -- Can be found in client/ui/web/build/logo.png

    NEED_EDITOR_ITEM_STATE = Config.General.NEED_EDITOR_ITEM_STATE, -- Validate if user needs item for placing banners?
    NEED_EDITOR_ITEM_NAME = Config.General.Items.BANNER_PLACER, -- Which item is needed for placing banners?

    NEED_PRODUCTION_ITEM_STATE = Config.Business.Printers.ProductionItemNeed, -- What item does player need for production?
    NEED_PRODUCTION_ITEM_NAME = Config.Business.Printers.ProductionItem, -- Is item required for production of banners?
  1. You can use image link or defined it the logo in client/ui/web/build/logo.png

  2. Set your logo in UI_SETTINGS.APP_LOGO.

  3. Save your rcore_banners/config.lua

  4. Restart your server, now you should see your logo there.

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