Blip Setup



Key: name

The name of the blip on map. You can use placeholders to display informations about the player.


  • {JOB_NAME} - Job name

  • {GRADE_NAME} - Grade name of job

  • {PLAYER_NAME} - Player's character name

  • {PREFIX} - Prefix set by player (/prefix)

  • {SUFFIX} - Suffix set by player (/suffix)


Key: sprite

Appearance of the blip on map. All sprites are listed in FiveM Docs.


Key: color

Color of the blip on map. All colors are also listed in FiveM Docs.


Key: scale

Size of the blip on map. 1.0 is normal size.


Key: display

Where blip should be displayed.

Display IDs:

  • 2 - Shows on both main map and minimap.

  • 4 - Shows on main map only.

  • 5 - Shows on minimap only.

Short range

Key: shortRange

Whether blip should be show on minimap short range or not.


Key: category

In what category blip should be display on legend (right list of blips) of the big map We suggest to keep it on default 7.

Heading indicator

Key: headingIndicator

Show black arrow heading indicator on blips or not


Key: showCone

Show white cone on blip showing where player looks

Siren flash

Key: sirenFlash

Changing color of the blip if player is sitting in emergency vehicle with sirens enabled. All colors are also listed in FiveM Docs.


blip = {
    sprite = 60,
    color = 8,
    headingIndicator = true,
    showCone = true,
    category = 7

vehicleBlip = {
    color = 3,
    sirenFlash = 1 

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